Trekking proposals


Since 2021, the old path that connected the pastures of Monte Chiappo with the Capannette di Pei has been restored, therefore it is possible to reach the hotel directly from the summit of Monte Chiappo.

OUR PROPOSALS WEEKEND or in any case 2 days with overnight stay at the hotel:

October-November March standard time.

15.30 ascent to Chiappo and descent after sunset;
18.30 return to the hotel
20.00 Dinner.

7.30 breakfast
8.00 am transfer by car to Artana
8.30 am start of the excursion “The postman’s tour”
16.30 end of the excursion

The rate includes dinner, bed and breakfast (drinks and lunch bags not included).
For groups of more than 8 people including school groups and groups of minors (min. 15 years) discounted rate and guide service with support car from € 15.00 to € 30.00 each based on the n. of participants and if the service is requested for both days or just one .

“Postman Tour”
(main features)

Loop excursion
departure/arrival :Artana q. 1150 (Brass, PC)
Length: 18,600km
Duration: 6 hours of effective walking alone
Duration: 8/9 hours including stops
Minimum altitude: 660 m
Maximum altitude: 1150 m
Height difference up/down: about 1040 m
Path markers: CAI 183, CAI 121

Difficulty: E
Mandatory PPE Covid19: a mask (+1 spare) disinfectant gel
Clothing: suitable for the season with always a cap, a pair of gloves, a K-way or cape, a small towel.

Equipment: obligatory trekking shoes with lug soles, long trousers; sticks are useful
​Breakfast: packed and some snacks at your discretion, large water bottle.

availability of drinking water in all five villages touched by the ring
clockwise route: Artana m. 1150, two bridges m.660, Belnome m.870, Pizzonero m. 1040, Suzzi m. 970, Suzzi mill and bridge m. 790 Bogli m. 1080, Artana m. 1050 is not recommended in the days following heavy rains.

The ways of salt.

The salt roads were a network of mule tracks for the transport of salt, from the Ligurian ports to the hinterland to bring north to Varzi-Pavia, the precious product from Genoa, the most used and the most direct as can be seen from the map is the MI-Portofino.

Furthermore, the great news is that since 2017 the Liguria Region has allocated funds to improve the Ligurian part of the path , and the whole Via del Sale path in Liguria is now well signposted as VM , (the Via del Mare) , the new signs . Portofino Park and Antola Park, the two managing bodies, with the help of the FIE and the CAI of RAPALLO and with the valid help of the Amici del Golfo Paradiso  Association (operational part) have really changed the face of the route, thanks in fact the path La Via del Sale-La Via del Mare can be done in total safety also because each stopping point  is equipped with refuges or B&Bs that welcome hikers (maximum every 6-8 hours of walking for each stage), and the path is all marked, as trail marker VM! The advice is to do the trek in 4 stages,  1 stage  in Lombardy, 1 in Piedmont, and 2 stages in Liguria to enjoy our beautiful territory and for real tourism that gives development to our highlands, and give new impetus to our beloved Apennines, forgotten for too long by our institutions.

The departure, the “La Via del Sale” path, the one signaled and maintained and managed by the Lombardy region and the Liguria region is in the heart of the town of Varzi, in the province of Pavia, easily reachable from Pavia by bus, so you avoid going unnecessarily by your own means for truly eco-sustainable tourism. From the car park overlooking the Staffora, follow the signs in the direction of the bridge, then the path on the left.

A wide path, flat at first, then with a variable slope, will take you to the vault of Monteforte and then to Castellaro, periodically intersecting the asphalted provincial road and the local cart track. Once you reach the end of the town, continue along a wide dirt road surrounded by woods until you reach the border between Lombardy and Piedmont. On the border line we continue on the ridge that will accompany us up to the 1700m of Monte Chiappo, before the descent to the Capannette di Pei where the first stage ends, with an overnight stay.


1 Caldirola- Capannette Pei 2 days Ring

Departure Saturday 3.00 pm (summer time) 1.30 pm (solar time) Caldirola colonia, Rif Orsi shoulder of the Ebro, Bocche Crenna, Chiappo with arrival in the evening Capannette Pey.

Sunday 9.00 Capannette Pei, Mouths Crenna, Ebro summit, Panà Gropà Ridge (Giarolo) Caldirola

2 Bocco di Brallo – Capannette Pei
2 days Ring

Departure Saturday 2.00 pm (summer time) 1.00 pm (solar time) Bocco di Brallo, path 109 la Colla, asphalt SP88 up to the Fontana Morone saddle, path 101 up to Colle del Pey, asphalt SP18 up to Capannette di Pei.

Sunday 9.00 Capannette Pei, descent into the meadow, Madonna della Salute, SP 18 to Giovà, SP 88 to Colle Pei, 101 vetta Lesima, Crinale sent 101 Colletta, Bocco

3 Cegni-Capannette Pei
2 days partial ring

Departure Saturday 10.00 (summer time) 9.00 (solar time) Cegni, Boglelio forest various paths, lunch at Bagnolo hut, chiappo, Capannette di Pei

Sunday 9.00 Capannette Pei, Colle della Seppa, Negruzzo, Ceregate, Cegni.

Departures from Bocco or Cegni can also include the transport of overnight hand luggage by car or the “tired” recovery and insertion of latecomers in the mid-afternoon.

The guide :
Mario Panizza AIGAE registered guide, serial number LO519 (Italian Association of Environmental Excursion Guides) pursuant to law 4/2013, is registered in the official lists of the MISE