Bar and restaurant

Both the restaurant and the internal bar are open to external customers and are also open in certain periods of the year when the hotel is closed.

Outdoor bar on the panoramic terrace in the summer months, where in addition to coffee, aperitifs and cocktails are served, as well as cold cuts or cheeses, hot dog sandwiches and hamburgers.

The kitchen :

Finding ourselves in this area of the Apennines, the cuisine takes its cue from the tradition of the cuisine of the neighboring valleys and provinces.

It is possible to taste dishes such as braised meat in Barolo wine, baked lasagna, Genoese stuffed Cima and of course real pesto, the great Piacenza cured meats, coppa, bacon, Varzi salami, or the typical Piacenza dish of pisarei and fasò.

And then the tradition of tagliatelle, dry pasta or fresh pasta, homemade and always by the same hand. Roasts, roast beef, game, polenta, mushrooms, risottos, everything the region offers. Do not miss the desserts, strictly homemade: sweet salami, tiramisu, cakes of all kinds, always with genuine ingredients. On this table, we will find the wines of Oltrepò, Colli Piacentini, Langhe and Monferrato, and each of these great wines, these great winemaking traditions is at home here. From Val Staffora and Val Borbera the cheeses, which together with the cured meats mature in the cellar that the Tambussi have in Pey, where the temperature range between summer and winter never exceeds 7/8 degrees, thus allowing a perfect maturation .