Hotel Capannette di Pei

Hotel Capannette di Pei
The Capannette di Pei hotel is located at an altitude of 1460 meters on a hill overlooking the landscape.

The original structure dates back to 1904, but a thorough renovation in 1939 gave it its present appearance. Over the years, continuous improvement works have made it possible to make the structure modern and efficient for today’s needs, without losing the quality and charm of the welcome of the past: directly from the lawns you can access the large terrace with the porch that in the summer is the ideal space for a snack or a game of cards.

Upon entering, you will find the reception from which you can access the lounge-bar, with the fireplace that is always lit in the cold season, and the large panoramic dining room. On the upper floors, the rooms, all equipped with bathroom, TV and telephone, are spacious, bright, modernly furnished with the elegance of simplicity.

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SUNDAY 10 OCTOBER 2021 - 1.00 PM


 (Giant quail and deer hunted)

Game salami with Russian salad
Breaded and fried porcini mushrooms
Mallard Salad

Risotto with quail
Ravioli stuffed with potatoes and mushrooms
Venison stew with potatoes with rosemary

Sbrisolona with raspberries, strawberries and ice cream
Wine and coffee included