We are located in Val Boreca, in the heart of the 4 provinces. Where the borders between Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Lombardy are an abstract, cartographic, bureaucratic concept but where the culture is univocal with the nearby Borbera and Staffora valleys.

Capannette di Pei with the hotel, the surrounding holiday homes and the alpine church dedicated to the Madonna della Salute, constitutes the highest inhabited center in the province of Piacenza and the westernmost in Emilia Romagna in the municipality of Zerba.

The hotel was built in the early 20th century, probably obtained from an agricultural building used to shelter animals in the summer season when the herds from the town of Pei were brought to pasture in this area.

The business was started by Tambussi Angelo, known as angiolino, former owner of the inn in the village of Pei, and his brother Giuseppe, known as Geppo. The village inn was the place where the so-called muleteers stopped, i.e. the people who traveled through these mountains carrying goods or people on the back of a mule, the only means of transport of the times together with the horse. In the summer, one of the brothers moved to the hotel on the high ground. the opening went from June to September and in addition to always serving as a stopping point for traders and animals, it hosted the first tourists, mostly they belonged to wealthy families from the neighboring provinces: Genoa, Pavia, Alessandria, willing to take on a long trip on the back of a mule with related expenses for the rental of the animals. Other visitors were certainly “mountaineers” who, spurred on by the sections of the Italian Alpine Club and other recently founded groups, went on adventures and to discover the Apennines.

Other customers at the end of the summer were hunters who always came from the surrounding areas. in the year 1939 the hotel Capannette of Pey thanks to a job.

Imposing for those times, it takes on its current structure due to a profound restructuring commissioned by Carlo Tambussi, the material was brought up here all on the back of a mule.

After the Second World War business resumed as usual.
In the summer months, Carlo Tambussi, Geppo’s son, assisted by his wife Teresa and his children, runs the hotel. in the mid-1950s, the Tambussi family sold the Pei inn and the hotel became the only business. The opening is lengthened, with the arrival of the first roads on the Alessandria and Pavia sides, it opens for May 1st and it arrives close to winter, but even in winter some tourists begin to arrive, in 1964/65 the heating system and the hotel from then until 2019 remains open all year round.