Our dishes


In the drawer of the sideboard, in an old school notebook, are jealously guarded the recipes written in beautiful handwriting by grandmother Teresa, already a teacher for forty years in the schools of Pey, and cook of the inn and of the Capannette. A notebook that has passed three times from mother-in-law to daughter-in-law, and each time has been enriched so that the recipes in this notebook come from four generations, and as many provinces and regions: Piacenza, Pavia, Alessandria, Genoa.

This area of ​​the Apennines is the only place in the world where you can enjoy local dishes at the same table such as brasato al barolo, baked lasagna, stuffed top alla genovese and of course real pesto, great Piacenza cold cuts, coppa, pancetta, salami, or poor cuisine dishes, such as pisarei and fasò. And then the tradition of tagliatelle, dry pasta or fresh pasta, made at home and always by the same hand according to the ancient saying “five chicken eggs for every kilo of flour”, really using free range chicken eggs, because others here there are none.

Roasts, roast beef, game, polenta, mushrooms, everything the region has to offer. There is no shortage of desserts, strictly homemade according to the recipes in the notebook: sweet salami, tiramisu, cakes of all kinds, always with genuine ingredients. On this table, we will find the wines of Oltrepò, Colli Piacentini, Gavi and Monferrato, and each of these great wines, of these great wine making traditions is at home here. From Val Staffora and Val Borbera the cheeses, which together with the cured meats mature in the cellar that the Tambussi have in Pey, where the temperature range between summer and winter never exceeds 7/8 degrees, thus allowing perfect maturation. . Finally, do not overlook the wildflower honey from the hives of the Capannette.


Montebore of Val Borbera
is a typical cheese of the area, made with raw cow’s and sheep’s milk, fresh or medium-aged, with a particular multilayer cake shape, a shape that recalls the tower of the village of Monteboreda which the cheese takes its name. It is paired for tasting with honey and quince, the typical quince jam. The Montebore risotto is classic. It is one of the cheeses to which the quality mark will be awarded.

Organic cheeses from Val Staffora
of cow’s milk; produced according to the traditional method by a single old dairy in Casale Staffora, supplier of the Capannette. It is a typical aged, organic cheese from the mountain.

Salami from Varzi,
the famous salami with a protected designation of origin, produced for the Capannette by an ancient delicatessen based in Casanova Staffora.

Piacenza Cup and Bacon;
aged in the cellar of the Tambussi family, they are produced in Pianello Val Tidone